Working with Jen

  • Working with Jen at BelieveYourTruth - Speaking


    Jen is currently available and would love to speak to your group on believing your truth. She speaks to adolescents who are our future leaders, women’s group, and companies on living the life you have always dreamed of without fear and in a judgement free zone. She teaches you how to quieten the madness of the day and listen to your soul and to take action! Schedule a call to explore how she can inspire your group to believe their truth!

    Reach out to Jen to talk more about your vison, your goals for her talk and what your budget might be. Speaking fees are negotiable depending on your event date, location and any other variables Jen sees fit!

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  • Working with Jen at BelieveYourTruth - Collaboration


    Jen is available for collaborations and would be honored to work with you!

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  • Working with Jen at BelieveYourTruth - Coaching


    How many of us know we have a greater purpose but are afraid to step out of our comfort zone and liveour truth? Life doesn’t have to be complicated.

    As an inspiration Mindset coach, Jen helps you listen to your truth and take action to live your best life. You are never to old, or too young for that matter to get out and do something amazing with your life!

    What exactly is an Inspirational Mindset Coach?

    Think of Jen’s truth coaching sessions like going out to get a coffee or drink of your choice with your best friend once a week – the friend who gives you their full attention, offers insight and encourages you with loving guidance but holds you accountable!

    Jen’s mission is to inspire you to overcome the limiting beliefs inside of you and the ones the world has put on you. She will urge you to take action to live your best life, un-apologetically! Together you will setgoals, develop routines and build a beautiful foundation for you to live your truth.

    Feeling inspired to jump in or just want to test the water?

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